Premium Warehouse Services in Dubai at Galadari Cold Storage

Warehouse Services in Dubai

Cold storage warehouses are a tremendously helpful system for cities like Dubai, where the hot weather can deteriorate perishable foods faster than in colder countries. The cold storage warehouses lower the food spoilage and save a lot of money annually for businesses. These warehouses are the reason why Dubai can enjoy vegetables and fruits during the off-season. Companies like Galadari cold storage allow varied groups like farmers, the hospitality industry, and fresh food vendors to keep their produces fresh in the long run. 

Uses of Cold Storage Warehouses Across Various Industries

One of the most significant benefits of cold storage is setting your preferred temperature to keep your produces fresh and last longer. Apart from the food industry and hospitality, cold storage is also used by many other industries. Here are a few of which store their products in cold storage:


Candle producers in Dubai store their candles in cold storage units to prevent them from melting, ruining their shapes, and getting the colours mixed up. Even though candles only need to be stored in the freezer for a few hours, a luxury candle producer would use cold storage units to keep their bulk production intact.


Old art pieces must be stored at a controlled temperature to avoid damages to the old colours. If the paint gets too hot in Dubai’s scorching temperature, the colours can either fade or peel off.


To stop the plants from withering away, they are kept in cold storage units before you plant them in your garden. Flower bouquets or cut flowers are standard items in cold storage before being shipped off to their respective locations.

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Cosmetic items

Keeping cosmetic items like lipsticks and cologne in cold storage prolong their shelf life.


Although not every drug but some medicines require cold storage to ensure that it does not get contaminated. Cold storage used for medical purposes is quite common globally, more so in desert areas like Dubai.