How Temperature Controlled Storages Increase Shelf Life

How Temperature Controlled Storages Increase Shelf Life

Ice or the cold, in general, has always been considered a temperature or environment where perishable products don’t deteriorate as quickly as compared to a hot or warm temperature. Today, as refrigeration and temperature-controlled storage have become widely available, many large-scale industries find it easier to preserve products at low temperatures.

How does cold temperature affect the shelf-life of a product?

How refrigeration preserves products for a longer time is based on a simple principle in molecular biology. At a low temperature, the molecular activities or mobility of a product is slowed down or depressed. And this leads to the slowing down of chemical reactions along with the biological processes. While a heat treatment to the same product will kill the enzymes or microorganisms residing on the product, low temperature depresses their activities only. 

  • Low temperature, although delays the spoilage, doesn’t improve the quality of the product. And this is why refrigeration is usually good for products that are fresh at the point of refrigeration.
  • Refrigeration or temperature-controlled storage doesn’t preserve your perishable food products forever. It only increases the shelf life for a while longer than the normal room temperature. 
  • Refrigeration alone cannot preserve the food product for a long time but must be combined with other preservation processes. 
  • The cold temperature must be maintained throughout the commercial life of the product as the preserving will stop as soon as the cold treatment stops. 

Common applications of a temperature-controlled storage

Pharmaceutical products

There is a great importance of temperature-controlled storage in the pharmaceutical industries that help in preserving the shelf life of vaccines, medicines and drugs.

Catering and bakeries

Catering services and bakeries often use temperature-controlled storage for items like beer bottles, soft drinks, pastries, cakes, chocolates, etc. Many temperature-controlled storages help snack and bakery companies to keep the foodstuff safe to maintain quality and compliance. 

Meat And Poultry Storage

Whether it is meat chain logistics operators or farm shops, and meat sellers in the supermarket, efficient cold storage or temperature-controlled storages are an important part of their business.

Cold Testing of Products

A minimum of -40 degrees Celsius is important for cold testing of various products. Many pharmaceutical testing clinics require cold storage for testing their drug candidates or vaccines.

Dairy Products Storage

Dairy products require a constant temperature-controlled environment for their increased shelf-life, and for preparation for different dairy products. Dairy product manufacturers widely used cold storages.

How does Galadari Cold Storage help?

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