eCommerce Frozen Fulfillment by Galadari Cold Storage

eCommerce Frozen Fulfillment by Galadari Cold Storage

Many industries today have businesses that rely heavily on frozen fulfillment, and even the slightest bit of temperature change can cost them a fortune. eCommerce brands who need frozen fulfillment can use Galadari Cold Storage for various items.

Have an eCommerce business? See how Galadari Cold Storage can help you.

Galadari Cold Storage offers frozen fulfillment for many eCommerce items, including the following:

Dry Fruits

Having dried fruits and nuts business is challenging. You are not just selling favorite snacks for most but also diet fulfillment to your customers. Dried fruits don’t do well at average room temperature or in direct sunlight. If you are not selling the expected amount every month, you might need to store your products for a more extended period.

Dried fruits require airtight storage and a temperature-controlled frozen environment that could last the products up to 12 months.


Sunscreens and lipsticks are top cosmetic products that require temperature-controlled cold storage to ensure that they reach the customers in good condition. From artificial coloring or fragrance to tens of other ingredients, cold storage ensures that no unexpected chemical reactions occur in cosmetic products.

It is not necessary for everyone who wears makeup stores them in the refrigerator, but a business that deals with cosmetics products sure needs a Galadari Cold Storage.


For some, anything that smells good is a perfume, and for fragrance enthusiasts and eCommerce brands that deal with fragrances, a different group of fragrances has distinctive properties. Colognes, for example, have higher alcohol concentrations and lower levels of essential oil.

If you have a cologne business in a place with extremely hot conditions, then your cologne business can use cold storage.


As much as we dislike flowers being cut from their natural habitat, there are still occasions when we can use flowers in a bouquet. Unfortunately, the flower delivery business has one of the most challenging business requirements as they attempt to keep the flowers fresh and retain moisture.

Galadari Cold Storage offers innovative facilities to the flower delivery business and helps them retain the appropriate moisture and keep them fresh until it reaches the customers and beyond.


Whether we are talking about a colorful and specified shape of a candle or a regular one, cold storage is a must for candle businesses. And if your business deals with candles with intricate details, then extreme heat could lead to the deformation of both the shape and detailing. Nowadays, many small home-based businesses deal with pretty and scented candles. Cold storages are not just a way to protect the shapes of the candles but also the color and the scents.


Cold storage is not the only important aspect for eCommerce brands because they also face logistic challenges. At Galadari Cold Storage, we offer satisfactory eCommerce Frozen Fulfilment for our clients who have customers worldwide.

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