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Benefits of Cold Storage for Your eCommerce Fulfillment

Benefits of Cold Storage for Your eCommerce Fulfillment

The eCommerce economy is growing exponentially, without any hint of slowing down anytime soon, and retailers are looking for better ways to assemble and prepare their online orders as conveniently as possible. Cold chain management and delivery are also entering among the other considerations. When it comes to food safety and integrity of the products, […]

How to Choose the Best Commercial Warehouse Storage in Dubai?

Best Commercial Warehouse Storage in Dubai

Choosing a good cold storage facility might be an important decision that will affect your business, sales and operations. Many businesses look for commercial warehouse storage in Dubai and sometimes fail to work with them successfully. It is either the warehouse failing to meet the requirements, or it is not what the customer expected. For […]

Galadari Cold Storage: Leading Cold-Storage Services in Dubai

Leading Cold-Storage Services in Dubai

Any perishable items require cold storage treatment in order to maintain their freshness and nutritional value. While a modest number of perishable commodities can spoil in the home from time to time, large quantities of perishable goods must be stored in cold storage facilities to avoid spoilage. Galadari Cold Storage Facility is a major cold […]

How to Choose Pallet Dividers for Faster Freezing?


Fast freezing is essential to guarantee the safety and quality of the products. Pallet dividers or spacers are used to circulate air during the pallet. The spaces allow cold air to flow between the container, and that is how food keeps frozen safely. The pallet dividers at frozen food warehouse save money and energy with […]

Best practices for managing a cold storage warehouse


The major challenge in cold storage warehouse is maintaining a cold successfully in the balance between the right temperature and the product. The demand for unpreserved products is increasing day-by-day. You can easily manage the temperature by keeping the cold out in-house, but this is a significant challenge to keep the products safe in a […]